> Why are you requiring grip socks?

For safety and sanitary purposes, all Pilates V studios will require the use of grip socks for all classes and private sessions. Many counties in California have already begun to enforce this as a new Health Code and we're implementing this requirement ahead of county mandated requirements that may come up, but more importantly this is for safety and cleanliness purposes.

> Do I have to buy my socks from Pilates V?

You're not required to buy your socks from us and are welcome to use any retailer you prefer. We will offer discounts for pre-ordering socks and make it easy to get the size you need in advance of the date the policy goes into effect.

> Can I wear regular socks (no-grip)?

All socks must have grip for safety purposes. Our floors and equipment are slippery when wearing socks without grip and we want to avoid unnecessary injuries.

> What if I forget my socks?

If you forget your socks and arrive for class you will need to purcahse a new pair or forfeit your spot in class and our standard no-show fee will apply.

> When does this new policy start?

This new policy will start on September 9th 2017. We're informing all clients early and several weeks in advance in anticipation of questions and getting familar with the policies. We recommend you begin to wear socks ahead of the policy officially kicking in to get in the routine of bringing your socks to class.

> Where can I buy grip socks?

Grip socks are available for sale in all of our studios. In addition, clients are welcome to preorder their socks through August 1st 2017 via the following website:

> Can my socks be open toe?

Yes, we allow open or closed toe grip socks. This includes ToeSox which are like toe gloves.

> What if I do not want to wear grip socks?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to attend classes without wearing grip socks. Please contact us if you have personal concerns regarding this policy.

> Can I return grip socks I buy in the studio?

All studio retail purchases are non-refundable.

> Will you have loaner socks I can borrow?

We will not have loaner socks due to the volume of clients we have (and being unable to guarantee loaner socks for all) and no availability of an onsite washer/dryer and it is unsanitary to share socks.