New Pricing

See our new pricing below.


New Policies

New Policies


Effective October 1, 2016, a late cancellation and no-show fee will apply to all passes and plans (including vouchers). Our cancellation policy will remain at 12-hours before the start of a class and we will now require a credit card on file.

Late Cancellation Fee = $15

No-Show Fee = $25 + lose the class if not on unlimited


A hold or "freeze" may be requested 14 days in advance on Monthly Plans (not passes) for a maximum of 3 weeks and for a fee of $25. Consecutive holds are permitted but may not exceed the price of the plan. Email hello@pilatesv.com to request a hold 14 days before the start date of the hold.

Pass ExpiRY

10-Class Passes bought as of September 6, 2016, and onward, have a 6-month expiration instead of a 4-month expiration.




> Why do I need to store my credit card?

Starting October 1st, we will charge no-show and late cancellation fees for all passes and plans, including Groupons and new client specials. A $15 fee will apply for any class cancelled with less than 12-hours notice. A $25 fee + a deduction of a class (for non-unlimited plans) will occur for any class that is booked whereby a no-show occurs.

> I already have an existing class package. Do I now get a 6 month expiration?

No, the new expiration periods will only be applicable to new passes purchased after September XXX.

> I currently have a V-8 plan at the old rate. What happens to this?

Current V-8 plan holders will receive their next four billing cycles at the current rate of $139. The 5th billing cycle will be automatically updated to reflect the new price unless we receive a request at least 2-weeks in advance to switch or end the plan. A client service associate will be reaching out to existing V-8 plan holders to provide exact dates and discuss options!

> I currently have a V-4 or a V-12 plan. What happens to it?

As a courtesy to our existing clients, we’re offering a grandfather option whereby as long as you remain on your V-4 or V-12 (i.e. you cannot end the plan), we will honor that plan and pricing for the next 4-months. A client services associate will be reaching out to discuss options with you soon!

> My plan just renewed but I’d like to switch to one of the new plans. What do I do?

If you’re currently on an Unlimited plan, you may switch to a VIP-Unlimited anytime before your next due renewal. If you do not wish to sign-up for the VIP-Unlimited, your next due renewal will be automatically adjusted to the non-commitment price of $219. If you’re on another V-plan and wish to switch to an Unlimited, just send us an email and we’ll figure out what is best for you!

> Can I still put a v4 or v12 plan on hold if I choose to remain on it?

Yes, but the new hold fees of $25 per 3-week max hold will apply to all existing plans. We now also request 2 weeks notice for any holds. Consecutive holds can also be applied ($25 per each additional 3 weeks) and the same $25 fee will be applied to any changes to a pass/plan such as change in bill dates.

> What if I forget to use my plan?

We have a strict no refund policy so you’ll need to use your plan within the given time frame or request a hold in advance to ensure you maximize your class usage.

> What happens after I sign up for the VIP-Unlimited and complete the 4-month commitment?

Your plan will continue to renew at the $179 rate unless you contact us two weeks before your next bill's due date to end the plan. If you end your plan after the commitment and choose to return in future, you’ll be held to another 4-month commitment should you select the VIP option again.

> What happened to Early Burn and other passes?

With the launch of our new pricing we’ve simplified our options to four plans and have discontinued the sale of all other passes and plans not listed. We will of course honor all current active passes and plans!