> How much does it cost?


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> What does the tuition cover?

The cost of your tuition includes your student manual, books, logs, lectures, final test out, and 3 private sessions with a senior instructor in the studio, and of course the in-class room lecture portion of the program with a master instructor. It does not include group classes, rental of the studio for practice time, or virtual access to platforms like PilatesAnytime.com.

> Do you do payment plans?

Yes, we can split the payment of the program into 4 payments spread out over 6 months. Tuition must be paid in full before beginning assistant teaching or receiving your certificate.

> Why the Pilates V Comprehensive Teacher Training Program? Why not another?

Sure, our price and payment plan is the most competitive out there. Yes, you get access to both Sunnyvale and Willow Glen studios to complete your training. Discounts on classes and access to our staff. But this isn't the key difference between our program and others and it isn't the exceptional materials we've painstakingly put together either. The main reason you want to train with Pilates V is Giselli Anderson, our Director of Education. Mimi will take what would otherwise be an average experience in Pilates and make it extraordinary, much in the same way our trainers make our classes exceptional in their own regard.

> My schedule has changed, can I get a refund?

Teacher Training fees are non-refundable. You are welcome to reschedule to a future session as needed.

> What days and hours is the in-person classroom portion of the program?

Instructor led learning occurs on Saturdays 12-8pm and Sundays 12-7pm for 6 weekends. We typically have three weekends of immersive instruction, a one weekend break, and then resume with the final 3 weekends.

> What materials will I get with the program?

You’ll receive the Pilates V Student Manual, observation and self-practice logs, a blank studio manual to build your own class flows and case studies, Joseph Pilates Contrology, Anatomy Coloring Book, and more. You’ll also receive 3 private sessions with a senior instructor in the studio in order to get 1:1 feedback on your technique and form as you complete your self-practice.

> Is there a time limit on how long I can complete the program?

We recommend apprentices complete the program in 9 months in order to best apply the knowledge they learn in the lectures throughout the observation, assistant teaching, and self-practice. We’ll work with you on determining the most flexible and rewarding timeline!

> What if I can’t make one of the classroom days?

In order to complete the program and receive a certificate you will need to have attended all the in-classroom learning days, however you’re welcome to make up a missed lecture at a future Pilates V training session and receive your certificate after attending!

> Do I get a discount on classes for my self-practice?

Apprentices receive 20% off class passes for up to 9 months from the date of their first lecture and may only hold one class pass at at time.

> What is observation?

Observation is one of the most crucial steps to furthering your education as an instructor. You’ll dedicate time to silently observing live Pilates V classes. For each class you observe, you’ll complete a detailed log of information on the instructor’s cues, class flow, and etiquette.

Up to 20-hours may be observed virtually, such as on PilatesAnytime.com, a leading platform that provides full length Pilates classes from top instructors around the world. It is a great way to gain additional exposure to different teaching styles and techniques!

> What is self-practice?

Self-practice helps you better understand how your clients feel when they're learning. It's the time you spend perfecting your technique by taking classes, privates, or workshops at Pilates V or other equipment studios, whether with others or alone. This time is to focus on your technique and form, and practice the moves you’ll soon be instructing others on! You may also do up to 20-hours of self-practice via PilatesAnytime.com or DVDs, where you workout along to the video. Note: 20 hours of self-practice virtually is separate from the 20-hours allowed for virtual observation.

When signing up for the Pilates V Comprehensive Teacher Training Program, we include 3-privates sessions with a senior instructor in our studio in order to give you 1:1 feedback on your technique to ensure you’re getting the most out of self-practice!

> What is practice teaching?

Practice teaching helps you understand better how your clients feel when they're learning, and to understand how to meet each person and teach at their level.

> What is assistant teaching?

Assistant teaching is the first step into teaching full live classes! It only begins after completion of self-practice, practice teaching and 50% of observation hours. You’ll be paired with one of our more senior instructors and allowed to teach a segment of a live Pilates V class under their observation. This will allow you to apply what you’ve practiced to real clients!

> How do I get access to the studio for self-practice?

Once you have provided your insurance and completed the in-classroom learning portion of the program, you’ll be allowed to book the studio for a $15 fee per hour (or $10 per hour if purchased in a 5 pack for $50). Use of the studio is available before 9PM when there are no group classes running, or other uses of the studio by Pilates V staff and must be scheduled ahead of time via email or phone. Your time in the studio may overlap with other private sessions. Anyone you bring into practice with you is required to create an account at www.pilatesv.com and complete the liability waiver.

> Why am I required to have personal liability insurance? Where can I get this insurance?

Personal liability insurance is required since you’ll be using the studio unattended and could cause harm to yourself, the studio, or others. You will not be allowed to use the studio unattended until you can provide proof of insurance. You will also be required to have each person you practice teach with sign a liability release waiver, by creating an account in our system at www.pilatesv.com.

PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) offers a great deal on liability insurance through Lockton Affinity. We recommend reviewing their website here for more information.

> What do I do once I’ve completed all of the requirements?

It is time to schedule your written and in-person practical! Email us or your master instructor and we’ll set up the day/time for you to complete these items.

> What happens after I complete the program?

Once you’ve completed all of the requirements, completed all necessary tuition payments, and passed the final written and practical exam, you’ll receive a certificate of completion signed by the studio founders and your master instructor. You’ll be well prepared to enter into the world of teaching Pilates! You can then choose to take the PMA certification test at your own cost.

> Will Pilates V employ me after I complete the Comprehensive Teacher Training Program?

Pilates V does not guarantee employment to our graduates although it certainly gets you a foot in the door. Staff openings are subject to an array of factors. We primarily look at a trainer's personality and energy, even before we look at their experience. If brand new to becoming a trainer, the next best step after completing this program is to gain more knowledge and experience wherever possible; from as many experienced trainers as possible, both at Pilates V, in other studios and in other complementary bodies of knowledge.