1. Sit tight. We'll create your account and you'll receive a welcome email with a link to claim it.
  2. Use the link in your welcome email to claim your account, set your password, and fill in a form to give us insight on yourself, your injuries, experience, and more. Once in your account, please sign the electronic waiver (this is required before attending class).
  3. We require a credit card in everyone's account in the event of late-cancel or no-show fees so provided you don't late-cancel or no-show classes you enroll in, your credit card will not be charged. To add your credit card on-file, call 408-844-4403, or click the Payment Methods page in your account, add your credit card and then email hello@pilatesv.com to let us know you've done so.
  4. Your account will include a 5-Class Pass. We recommend you schedule your v0 intro class and 4 more v1 beginner classes by using the link here and enrolling in each class when you're signed into your account.
  5. When attending your first class, please keep the following in mind:
    • Try to arrive 10 minutes early so you can get to know your instructor, inform them of any injuries, and get your free pair of grip socks before class begins.
    • Wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing. Do not wear clothing with zippers or sharp objects attached (i.e. hard hair clips) -- this damages our equipment.
    • Refrain from using heavy perfumes or scents to accommodate others with allergies or sensitivities.
    • Have fun!

Intro Class Schedule


We'll provide you with a $15 referral account credit if anyone you refer becomes a member after their introductory special. We'll issue a $25 referral bonus when you're on a VIP-Unlimited plan with us when it happens.


  1. Grip Socks: For health, safety & sanitary reasons, all our classes and private sessions require the use of grip socks with rubberized patches to provide traction on our floors and equipment. We sell grip socks for $15-18 per pair.
  2. Late Cancels: Cancelling a class you've enrolled into within 12 hours of it commencing results in a $15 late cancellation fee.
  3. No-Shows: Non-attendance without cancellation or arriving later than 5 minutes to a class you've enrolled into results in a $25 no-show fee and losing the pass for that class. You won't be able to join a class if later than 5 minutes either because you'll miss preliminary footwork for the rest of the class, it's unsafe to add anyone that late, and it's extremely disruptive. You can late-cancel up to the minute before class starts using our mobile app, website, calling us, texting us, or emailing us, so there's really no reason at all to no-show a class. Be up to 10 minutes early to ensure you arrive on-time. We take no pleasure in charging these fees but they ensure the 12 spots in each class remain available for those who want to attend who will actually show up to class.