> How do employees sign-up?

Employees must sign-up using their company email address and must also use the Workplace Wellness Staff Registration form instead of the standard sign-up form to create an account. They should only use the special link we provide to ensure all employee accounts are attached to the primary point of contact's corporate account. This allows for tracking all employee purchases, passes & plans from your company's primary account.

> What studio policies do our employees need to be aware of?

  • Grip socks mandatory. Required for safety & hygiene, grip socks are required and can be purchased on-site for $15-18 per pair.
  • Credit card on-file. We require a credit card on-file to cover all late cancellation and no-show fees incurred above and beyond any pass or plan an employer has purchased.
  • Late cancellations. Cancelling within 12 hours of class incurs a $15 fee and the class pass is preserved.
  • No-shows. No-showing without cancelling at all incurs a $25 fee and the class pass is deducted. No-shows are entirely avoidable as classes can be cancelled in the mobile app or on the web up to 1 minute before class begins. We can also be notified by phone/text at 408-844-4403 and email at
  • Tardiness Turned Away. Arrive 5-10 minutes early. Arriving 5+ minutes late to class results in denial of entry. It is unsafe to integrate late-comers into a class flow where they've missed preliminary footwork and disrupt the class.
  • No observation. Observation is not permitted by accompanied guests, friends, children or family. Only instructor apprentices are permitted class observation privileges. We want to ensure all attendees have a safe and comfortable experience.

> What should be worn to class?

  • Wear comfortable form-fitting clothing similar to a yoga class and bring mandatory grip socks.
  • Do NOT wear clothing with zippers or sharp objects attached -- this damages the equipment.
  • Remove any sharp objects that might scratch or damage equipment upholstery (i.e. use elastic hair ties instead of hard plastic ones that will cause damage).
  • Refrain from using heavy perfumes or scents to accommodate others with allergies or sensitivities.